Class’Code help teachers to decode the code

LOGO-ClassCode-coulClass’Code is an open participative solution to help teachers and children activity organizers introduce computer science to girls and boys.

Class’Code’s goal is to train members of the Educational & IT communities how to teach young people from 8 to 14 basic programming and computer science. This is a free innovative blended learning program that places computer science at the heart of our educational system. It helps familiarize children with the concept of algorithms and thus have control over the digital world.

Since September 2016, the program has already reached 15.000 subscribers. Around 3.200 learners are regularly attending the meetings  setup by more than 40 structures all over France. Within the next months, our partners will encourage a focused audience to join us at a local level. Class’Code, a partner of EducAzur, is growing fast.

What is coming next?

logo Safer Internet Day 2017A new MOOC will be available online soon. From February 2017, people will access the fourth course of the learning program focusing on network issues.

A very good opportunity for Class’Code to join the international event Safer Internet Day, an awareness campaign initiated by the European Commission on media awareness and Internet safety on February 7th.

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